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renewables actually waste energy and create more carbon dioxide anyway

Remove all fake clean energy systems by 2050

If we really care about the planet and wish to save energy...make it a goal to remove all wasteful industrial wind and solar systems energy systems by 2050. This would restore so many landscapes back to their natural splendor so we can easily recharge.

Decommissioning coal fired power plants is wasteful

Wind and bio-mass energy is such a tiny amount of energy made in Arizona. Coal energy is constant energy where as renewables are there only when mother nature is in the mood. These day's she's smoking more pot than ever and getting the munchies.

The largest employer in Navajo County is a marijuana farm

Copperstate Farms in Snowflake, Arizona was in the national and world news regarding the purple glow in the sky from the farm as seen on the Navajo County Facebook page. Growers Network mentions this about there being 200 workers there. Marijuana is a renewable resource.

Is this area poised to see a boom like Desert Hot Springs in marijuana farming? These things smell. May be hemp farms as well.

Snowflake also has space for renewables at $38.750 million

1,550 acres can be rearranged to suit needs. On railway in a renewable energy related industrial park.

Phoenix causes climate change

At one time there was nothing in the Phoenix and Tucson areas hardly, now those areas have grown so much they have basically merged together there are so many housing developments. Now any one who believes in fake climate change caused by man should really first look at how we burn so much energy to live in a hot climate that it's climate obscene. Of course there are others who understand that .0004th of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide does not have the capability to do anything near what a blanket or a greenhouse can do. It merely defies physics. It's like saying your sneeze will affect the weather. Carbon dioxide does nothing, absolutely nothing.

Save Chevelon Canyon

You probably think Arizona is leading the way on clean energy which actually is dirtier than coal. Arizona gets a mere 1/2 of 1% of it's so called 'sustainable energy' from chaotic unreliable wind farming and that energy created often gets DUMPED onto other wind farms.

There are not always buyers for that chaotic energy that acts like a spoiled child on drugs.

Thus, even though it may be making energy it also is dumping it.

So they plan to build another wind farm. New wind project just approved will waste your energy.

Chevelon Butte wind massive 175 turbine 49 square mile renewable energy project
is yet one more renewable energy landfill. They dump over supply of energy on these things. Chevelon Canyon, and the Ranch, Acres, and Retreat properties are doomed.

Navajo County Board of Supervisors minus Jason Whiting voted for this, where was Jason's vote? Then the Show Low area supervisor district 4 has just been appointed on Arizona Court of Appeals. Why? When this project goes through the legal challenges he will be there to vote against protecting Eagles? Show Low Mayor Daryl Seymore. He  will do double duty then run for seat in 2020.

Navajo County planning commission voted 3-2 for. One vote and it would have been stopped.

Coconino County planning commission voted unainimous for, no need for Board of Supervisors to vote, WHAT? No need to go on to BOS.

This all smells. Hundreds of million$ of your energy is at stake. $750 million. Where is it all going? Big energy? Politicians? The elitists who already are filthy rich. Energy wasting trips to Paris?

Look how Chevelon Canyon and Butte areas south of Winslow traveling 99 will look soon. This is at Palm Springs on both sides of the Interstate 10 highway. So not pretty. It's not a place to 'recharge' anymore. It's now an industrial mess that provides transfer of your energy to those who own them. These disgusting energy burning projects started here in California, now they have infected the world. Bill Gates even says it's time we stop messing with these things.

They are all net losses and the only way they can exist is by you paying for them. They conned the public with TV and movies.

Investors ONLY invest in them when they know YOU will pay for them. They are not profitable like other energy sources are. To put this in perspective, you have to work to make your energy for these to be built, that all relies on fossil fuels, as 99% of Arizona energy comes mostly from nuclear, petroleum, natural gas, coal, thus more of that is being burned up so that this crap can be added to unspoiled landscapes so that the portfolio managers also get their cut. We can't keep ruining our world with these and it's sad that leaders have approved this for Arizona.

Maybe it's corrupt. Certainly it's a poor use of our natural resources.

If you think all we have to do is keep building these, you are wrong, they provide chaotic energy that often can't be used so they turn on "the fans" to burn it back up.

One other point these developers are offering greater "setbacks" from homes now as part of their pitch to present themselves as being "good stewards" and cooperation. The Chevelon Butte wind project claims closest home is 2.6 miles away from the start of the turbines that would loom 1000 feet above this home and surrounding properties.

I propose all newest rules for setbacks from homes not be a mere 1 or 2 miles but rather for most effective use of our energies be a minimum of 92,955,807 miles

Place them on the Sun. That is the only suitable place.

Wind farms are a sham. Look at the costs of Steel Winds at Lake Erie as they replace new turbines after less than 12 years! Ontario, Canada halted 750 projects. If only the rest of the world had a brain. They have even ruined Hawaii with this crap. Residents in Hawaii are now taking the matter to the Supreme Court, more enery wasted.

Update 3/26/2020 "Palehua Wind, a 46.8-megawatt wind farm proposed for Waianae on Oahu has been scrapped after four years of planning, according to Eurus Energy America, the company that was developing it."

Is this how we want the world to look everywhere? NO! End this waste and abuse of energy now!

What forms of energy is the state using the most? shows exactly how much wind energy Arizona gets right now (which contradicts other data from energy suppliers there) as of 12/28/2019.

Arizona gets 88.46% of it's energy from fossil fuels and this will never change. Adding Chevelon Butte wind mess will change this a mere .5% and increase carbon emissions! And they don't tell you how much of that wind energy is dumped. Maui wind farm dumped 25% of it's energy. This happens everwhere. I watched this myself in Palm Springs where one lone turbine was spinning not from the wind but from power in the grid. I also watched while half of them were possibly making energy while the other half was burning it up. If people understood what a waste these things are they would not be approving their destruction of our gorgeous open spaces anywhere.

Since the entire atmosphere merely contains .0004th of it as carbon dioxide which is CONSTANTLY RECYCLED and wind farms cause more fossil fuel standby power to be used in reality and not green con game promises therew will be more CO2 added. This is all a big con game to get your energy. Think about this, 1 particle of moveable air to 2,499 other particles of moveable air, that does not form a blanket by any shape or form other than in illusions.

Look at the smallest sliver in this pie chart right at the top below, it's wind energy in Arizona. Less than 1%. Not even 1/2%. A mere .47%.

Wind is not going to keep those air conditioners on in summer.


Keep in mind in looking at that chart of wind generation that often there are no buyers on the grid supply of this chaotic unreliable energy thus it often gets DUMPED onto other wind farms to be BURNED UP by making these giant turbine generators act as motors thus removing EXCESS ENERGY from the grid that all these renewables add to it. They also generate heat.

I thought we were concerned about carbon blankets trapping heat why build things that generate more heat and more non-evil carbon dioxide that mother nature is always recycling using clouds, rain, weather, when because of renewables it's necessary to maintain added stand by power on more often based on reliable fossil fuel systems?

This next snapshot of the NAU "clean energy" research page shows how disgusting these things are on the Arizona landscape.

Wind energy ADDS MORE CO2

Do Arizonan's understand that if built it will increase carbon dioxide emissions due to standby power needs and ruin vast vistas for a hundred miles all around and cost us all more in our energy bills and use of our taxes?

Some do thus voted against Tom Steyer's proposal to force more renewable energy crap on the state's residents.

Did they hear Bill Gates say it's time to stop messing with renewables?

It does not take rocket science to prove that within the basis for adding these schemes is the fear of climate change which is actually caused by clouds and not 1 part per 2,500 parts of carbon air nothing. We have been had for 2 decades now, even longer.

Climate change is a total farce. It's used to get your energy. We should use subsidies instead to
add local power to rural areas instead of giving the rich industrialists even more of our energy.

4 Corners Wind Facebook page shows another image of how these bring unlimited unspoiled turbine beauty to the landscapes.

I call these white colonists.

The negative aspects of this crap is endless, today I read that the tax bases get eroded from these turbine projects as the developers are often granted tax relief.
A good short study on this is presented here.

Sustainability for who?

"The more intermittent, unreliable renewables that are connected to the grid, the more unstable it will grow."

Last but not least see if you can figure out why coal is being "phased out" in Arizona while the Navajo Nation is phasing it in if it's so bad for us. The Navajo Nation is right there at Navajo County where part of this project will be built though none of them will be forced to watch red LED lights flash all night long on the reservation.

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