arizona renewable energy

renewables actually waste energy and create more carbon dioxide anyway


  • Near Chevelon Canyon there is a marijuana manufacturing facilty

    Snowflake is about 30 miles away where the plant is located but that is considered nearby as everything is so spread out there.
    Report indicated that the UV lights from the farm caused a purple glow in the sky after a snow fall. I guess the humidity in the air was lit up.

  • HB 2173 would be injury to freedoms to find and use alternatives to smoking combustible tobaccos  view HB 2173 Bill here

    It would ban all indoor use of "vaporizors" typically called "vaping devices" in Arizona. These devices are presented to the public as being evil harmful things but this is a lie. They are almost totally water vapor. They are not combustible tobacco. Regulating this is more about tax collection as people are not harmed by vapor created by these devices any more than they are water vapor in the air. Businesses can self regulate. If they don't want people to use portable vaporizing devices in their establishments they can do so. There is absolutely no harm to the public with these things anywhere. Although there can be an inconvenience of massive vapor clouds made by these again the use of these can be regulated by business. There is no need for the state to ban these anymore than they would need to ban the use of aerosol vaporizer sprays of air freshener. read the actual bill here

    Fantastic resource of all articles found on the internet that discuss wind farms being proposed, built, discussed, all sorts of stuff

  • STOP the Chevelon Canyon renewable energy project at Chevelon Butte

    It's a massive 170 turbine site reaching 60 stories into the sky over a whopping 49 square miles it will be the tallest ugly white colinist structers anywhere in the state and will destroy views with flashing red lights all night long seen probably as far away as the San Francisto peaks

    STOP Chevelon Butte Wind