arizona renewable energy

renewables actually waste energy and create more carbon dioxide anyway

about that fake clean energy provided by wind turbines

Once upon a time I was told one day by a guy that goes up into those tall wind turbine sticks to service them that they routinely turn on the motors to keep them from seizing up when there is no wind. I was shocked.

Years prior I was told by an investment banker that the wind farms in Palm Springs are a scam using tax payer subsidies. That is what makes them profitable making them function, but they are always net losses to the consumer.

Now in 2019 I learn that these farms routinely dump power from over production that includes energy created by other wind farms and solar farms, they actually turn on the wind turbines to use up energy that cannot be used.

What is going on here? We are ruining our world with this crap. This has to stop.

Now the want to build a 49 square mile wind turbine mess reaching 60 stories tall higher than Los Angeles skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere Arizona Chevelon Canyon which is an unspoiled area void of electricity so the night sky is so dark there you have never seen the stars like it anywhere, it is so awesome.

People have bought land out there to be surrounded by this majesty of dark skies and horizons now the industrial portfolioists want to ruin it for their gain using your money you will be adding to them via your electric bills. They don't care how much of the planet they ruin. Their focus is on themselves.

This will pollute the sky and horizons for miles all around.  It would be one thing if they actually helped save energy but they waste energy.

Also the very thing the spread of this green energy scam is founded on is stopping carbon but CO2 is virtually non-existent in the air comprising 1 particle per 2,499 other particles. They never get stuck, are constantly recycled and brought back to Earth with weather, and there is only one cause of atmospheric change, hot sun, frigid space, water vapor, and convection, not air particles that are barely found up there, are always moving about, and only get stuck in heads attaching theselves to the wild concept that man can control weather and unless we do we are doomed.

STOP Chevelon Butte Wind